Recalling the tragedies of war

December 18, 2018
Group of five soldiers in uniform standing outside grouped together

Vietnam veteran Ian Getley’s voice faltered. He was holding back tears, talking about his experiences as a 25-year-old pilot during Operation Babylift, where he was saving orphans in the last days of the war. Forty years might have passed, but his emotions are still raw.

Ian was interviewed as part of a series called Hear Their Story, produced by Neil Ashworth at Triple H in Hornsby. Neil took local veterans, from both sides of the conflict, on an emotional journey as he talked to them about their wartime experiences and aftermath, sharing important stories that might not otherwise have been told. Other stories focused on losing mates, long battles, and the hazardous journey out of North Vietnam to a refugee camp in Thailand.

Neil’s admiration and respect for veterans are what inspired him to produce the series. Support of the CBF made sharing these powerful experiences possible.

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Image credit Australian War Memorial P06136.001 – photographer unknown.