Lindi Jane

CBF Ambassador

“In recording my shows, I like to help socially isolated people feel included.”

Lindi appreciates the importance of connection from her personal experience of loneliness. As a child, Lindi was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition, endured countless lonely days in the hospital. Lindi’s grandfather brought her a puppet for entertainment, inspiring her love of ventriloquism.

Lindi has continued to find joy as an entertainer, featured on Snap’s Kakadu Club (shown on community television Channel 31 and Channel 44), singing in Some Blonde Chick and starring in sketch comedy Bonza’s Playtime. She values the involvement of others, helping to bring her media to life, “By being involved as crew, these amazing souls start to feel both valued and valuable, something that we all need. In doing this, we create a tribe, a place where it feels safe to just be you.”

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