Bob Hargreaves

CBF Ambassador

“I feel joy and satisfaction hearing that the presenters are like friendly members of the listener’s family.”

Bob has dedicated more than 60 years to Australian media, starting his career at Albury’s 2AY.

He has worked in television and commercial radio, and was the weekend newsreader for ABC Canberra. He has also been a voice-over artist for the 2000 Olympic coverage, a film producer/director/cameraman with the Australian Government Overseas Information Service, and held many roles at his beloved Radio for the Print Handicapped stations at 2RPH (Sydney) and 1RPH (Canberra). Collectively, he has broadcast well over 1,600 programs.

Despite a two-hour train ride, Bob continues to dedicate his time to reading on RPH radio, motivated by the difference he makes to listeners.”

“One chap, blind from birth and a lawyer by profession, said before the on-air reading of papers and magazines, would stand against the wall and listen to the conversations at social gatherings because he didn’t have enough information to take part. Since the birth of the reading service, he is now a full and informed part of those conversations.”

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