Privacy Statement

All documentation, whether electronic or printed, generated by the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) or by a third party for the purposes of the CBF and from which personal information may be collected will carry the following statement concerning privacy:

We value your privacy. View our privacy policy at

The CBF respects the right of individuals to privacy protection. Where personal information is supplied to the CBF it is used to assist in providing resources and other services to community broadcasters and community broadcasting organisations, and in meeting our responsibilities as the funding agency for the community broadcasting sector. To this end personal information may be shared with other community broadcasting sector representative organisations, consultants, training regulatory authorities and funding providers. Individuals have the right to access, update or correct any of their personal information held by the CBF at any time.

Entities that are collecting personal information for provision to the CBF in a funding application or for related purposes must ensure that the individuals concerned consent to the provision of their personal information to the CBF, receive a copy of this Privacy Statement, and have been advised that our Privacy Policy is available at

Complaints against the CBF’s acts or practices in relation to privacy protection may be investigated by the Australian Information Commissioner who has power to award compensation in appropriate circumstances. For more information please see our Privacy Policy or contact our CEO on (03) 8341 5900 or by email.

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