Getting out and about to meet community broadcasters

August 20, 2019

Indigenous child

We love opportunities to share information about our grants and meet with community broadcasters to hear first-hand how we can help.

In recent months, Jon King from our Grants Support Team hosted workshops in Hobart and Melbourne to share practical knowledge to support grant applications.

Closer to home, members of our Grants Support Team attended the AIGM Grantmaking conference to grow our knowledge of best practice grantmaking. It was a great opportunity to connect with other organisations and learn how we can enhance our grant processes. Both Jon and Dean shared their extensive grants experience and ideas, with Jon acknowledged at the conference awards as a runner-up for Grantmaker of the Year award for his ideas to improve grantmaking in Australia.

Our new President Ian Hamm recently experienced his first Sector Roundtable, attended with Board member Kim Borrowdale and our CEO Ian Stanistreet.

Coming up

In the coming months, Dean Linguey will be heading along to the SACBA conference and always enjoyable Bilby Awards dinner! He’ll also be heading along to the First Nations Media Australia Remote Media Indigenous Festival on Kaurareg land (Waiben/Thursday Island) and various team members will be attending and presenting at the CBAA and NEMBC conferences. We hope to see you there!

Image kindly provided by First Nations Media Australia. © George Serras, National Museum of Australia.

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