Meet our new Grant Assessors

June 16, 2020

A warm welcome to the newest members of our Grant Assessor Team: Richard Bridge, Mackenzie Curtis, Keren Leizerovitz and Marjolein Towler.

Once they have all completed training by Georgie , our new assessors will be ready to review the next round of grant applications.

We asked some of our new recruits what motivated them  to get involved. Here’s what they said…


Head and shoulders colour photo of Richard Bridge smiling

Richard Bridge

“I want to do my part to improve and raise the profile of the sector. I hope to encourage applicants to put forward the best versions of themselves and their projects.”




Head and shoulders colour photo of Mackenzie Curtis smiling

Mackenzie Curtis

“I am excited by the prospect of seeing a richness in applications that is reflective of our community and the future of media, and look forward to being a part of the process that helps projects get  the green light.”



Head and shoulders colour photo of Keren Leizerovitz smiling

Keren Leizerovitz

“I am looking forward to learning more about the technical side of the grants process and being exposed to innovative and exciting content that is created by community media makers from across the country.”



Head and shoulders colour photo of Marjolein Towler smiling

Marjolein Towler

“As a consumer of community broadcasting I know how much value it brings to the wider community. I’m really looking forward to seeing creative Australia at work.”



Interested in joining our Grant Assessor Team

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