Meet our new Grant Assessors

January 29, 2020

We’re delighted to welcome 17 new assessors to our Grant Assessor Team. The new assessors are Bek Pasqualini, Tina Helm, Sharmaine Spencer, Martin Corben, Kim Stewart, Gayle Fitzpatrick, Jenni Enosa, Ben Pridmore, Hannah Murray, Matthew Francis, Veronica Judge, Christopher Crebbin, Susan Locke, Marie Joelle Whiting, Richard Herz, Alison Troup and Sue Gilbert.

Once they have all completed training by Georgie , our new additions will be ready to review grant applications.

We asked some of our new recruits what motivated them  to get involved. Here’s what they said…

colour photo of smiling woman in radio studio

Hannah Murray

“Community radio has had a huge impact on my life, so I’m honored to be able to give something back by providing opportunities for volunteers and stations to achieve their goals and projects.”




Colour portrait of man with beard and glasses

Matt Francis

“I’m looking forward to learning about the latest broadcasting equipment and what other stations are using, so that I can help my own station and help other community stations that need it.”




Colour portrait of woman with short hair in the desert

Susan Locke

“I want to give something back to a sector that has provided me with so many opportunities. Funding decisions are not just a tick box exercise, they give heart to those on the frontline of community media that their hopes and dreams are heard.”




Colour portrait of smiling woman with black curly hair

Joelle Whiting

“I think that being a CBF assessor will enhance my own understanding of the broadcasting landscape.”




colour head and shoulders photo of smiling man with beard

Richard Herz

“I’m most looking forward to seeing the ideas and possibilities, that careful funding can provide, come to fruition”.




Black and white photos of smiling woman with long hair

Sharmaine Spencer

“I want to be more involved by actively assisting content makers to shape and create their stories. Community broadcasting has given me so much, it would be amazing to give back to that community in a meaningful way.”




Portrait of woman in black tshirt against peach coloured wall

Tina Helm

“Becoming a CBF assessor will allow me to learn more about what makes an effective application.”





coloured portrait of smiling woman

Bek Pasqualini

“I want to give more back to a sector that has supported and nourished me in so many ways. I’m looking forward to reading innovative and exciting proposals from community media organisations!”



Are you looking for a way to give back to community broadcasting? Then why not join our Grant Assessor Team.

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