Video tutorials, webinars and other resources

55% of respondents watched our video tutorials. Of those 83% found all or some of them useful.

40% of respondents watched our webinars either live or in their own time. Of those, 86% found all or some of them useful.

Most respondents (79%) also considered some or all our other resources helpful:

The FAQ links throughout the grant were also really useful and easy to follow.

Links to examples were useful… the workflow of the web form was intuitive.

It’s important we provide a variety of ways for applicants to prepare for and improve their grant writing. But we are mindful of applicants’ time, many of whom are volunteers, and ensure our resources are concise and easily referred to.

Survey respondents were also keen for a new resource listing all required documentation for each application.

Improvement: We will ensure videos, webinars and other resources are more concise and easier to find by applicants.

Improvement: We will develop a list of all information required in each application form and link to it within the grant guidelines.

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