Time wasters – unsubmitted applications

According to SmartyGrants data about all grant-makers using their system 71% of applications that are started are submitted. For 2018/19 we had a 71% submission rate.

The 2017 Grants in Australia Survey reported the most common reasons applications aren’t submitted were applicants running out of time to complete the form, discovering part way through that the grant program wasn’t right and realising after they started that they didn’t fit the eligibility requirements.

Unfortunately, survey respondents claimed over 250 hours were spent on applications that were not submitted. The main reasons for incomplete applications were:

  • Accidentally starting multiple applications and submitting the other (22)
  • Discovering part way through the program wasn’t right (13)
  • Running out of time to complete the form (12)
  • Not meeting the eligibility requirements (6)
  • Form was too long (1)

Further, no-one identified other reasons applications aren’t submitted commonly identified by other grantseekers, including the form being unclear/too hard to fill in, lack of support from the CBF, form wasn’t accessible or English language difficulties.

A quick chat with the Grants Support Team before starting an application would have saved some applicants this time.

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