Summary of improvements we’re making

  • Continue to simplify our application process while maintaining the integrity of the peer assessment process.
  • Ensure all questions include an explanation of why it’s being asked and how it will be used.
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of contacting our Grants Support Team for advice well before the deadline to improve the quality of grant applications.
  • Make every effort to ensure all enquiries are responded to promptly.
  • Ensure our communications are written in plain and consistent language across our promotions, grant guidelines, application form questions, hints and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Ensure videos, webinars and other resources are more concise and easier to find.
  • Develop a list of all information required in each application form and link to it within the grant guidelines.
  • Consider ways to address gender inclusion and equity in our grant application processes.
  • More clearly communicate which grant application should be used for different funding requests.
  • Review our Committee Terms of Reference, assessment criteria and funding objectives in late 2018.
  • Provide a Microsoft Word version of the application forms instead of PDF versions.
  • Provide examples and templates for the timelines tables to demonstrate how to complete this section for different activities while keeping responses concise.
  • Consider options to improve the budget table.
  • Review our policy for requiring evidence of research to determine purchasing options.
  • Provide more example responses to questions asked in grant applications.
  • Provide more short videos demonstrating how to complete each section of the application form.
  • Provide resources to help applicants upload content to common audio and video sharing platforms.
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