Right-sizing our application forms

Right-sizing means finding the right balance between the amount of information requested of the applicant, information needed to make the best funding decision and the funding amount being requested.

71% of respondents felt we ask for the right amount of information in our application forms.

The 2017 Grants in Australia survey asked a similar question with just over 60% of grant-seekers saying grant-makers have the information requested balance about right. So, compared to our grant-making peers we’re doing well given the changes to the application process over the past few years.

SmartyGrants data about all grant-makers using their system shows most grant applications are around six pages long and ask around 50 questions. Our application forms have around 10 pages and ask 76 questions.

However, some survey respondents did not understand the need for information requested within the grant applications.

Improvement: We will continue to simplify the application process while maintaining the integrity of the peer assessment process.

Improvement: We will ensure all questions include an explanation why it is being asked and how it will be used by the CBF.

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