How long should an application take to complete?

31% of respondents said applications were completed in less than six hours, 28% in 7-12 hours, 13% in 13-20 hours and 28% over 20 hours. The average time spent completing each application was 18 hours, but the median is 10 hours.

According to SmartyGrants data analysing all grant-makers using their system, most applications are submitted on the same day they are started, and within 24 hours of the deadline (this information does not consider time spent drafting an application offline).

We encourage applicants to get started on applications early to make the most of the advice of our Grants Support Team. Our applicants are more organised than the industry average with only 23% of applicants staring and submitting their application within a day and 53% within one week of the due date. This is a continued improvement on previous years (29% and 54% in 2017/18). The average time between our applicants starting and submitting their application was 13 days, and a median of 6 days.

Most applicants are not rushing to submit an application within 24-hours of the due date. Most are working out what information they need to collect, going and collecting that information and returning to add it to the application form.

Most applicants are spending somewhere less than 12 hours on their application over a period of 13 days. If you’re spending more than 12 hours on your application and it isn’t very complex, contact the Grants Support Team to work out ways to simplify your application so it’s more manageable for applicants and assessors.

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