Gender bias in grant-making

The Community Broadcasting Foundation is committed to gender inclusion and equity. Because policies and programs can affect people of different genders in different ways, we will give preference to applications that demonstrate gender inclusion and equity, so we can maximise the impact of our investment.

The Gender Bias in Grantmaking report recently found the awarding of grants does not appear to be affected by an applicant’s gender. The percentage of applications granted was well balanced and proportional to the number of applications per gender.

The CBF was one of the participants in this study and our own version of the report shows how the CBF performed in comparison to other SmartyGrants users.

Men and women were awarded CBF grants at an equal rate of success (61%), which is higher when compared to the rest of SmartyGrants (42%).

However contrary to applicants in other sectors where women submitted three times more applications than men, men have submitted two times more CBF applications than women. This result has remained consistent each year since 2013.

In the community broadcasting sector, men dominate CBF grant-seeking roles.

Improvement: We will consider ways to address gender inclusion and equity in the CBF grant application processes.

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