Grants Support Team – survey results

An overwhelming majority of respondents (84%) consider the assistance provided by the CBF Grants Support Team to be satisfactory. When asked what the most useful resource provided by the CBF was, some went so far as to say:

The support from the Grants Administrators was extraordinary. Knowledgeable people who helped me significantly improve my response by giving great advice.

This was the most valuable resource of all, as the friendly and constructive help from staff that fully understood not just the grants purpose, but what things the assessors would look for in an application.

The CBF team feedback was excellent. I was able to ask lots of questions and was given all the information needed to help.

We strongly encourage applicants to start on their application early, contacting the Grants Support Team with any questions as you go through the application forms. If you complete a draft application in good time the CBF Grants Support Team are happy to review it and provide feedback they think will help your application shine in the eyes of the Grants Assessors.

But one respondent did not receive a response to an enquiry:

Because we have lodged several applications in the past, we didn’t use external resources but carefully read the instructions on the application form itself. We submitted the application for review but heard nothing so had to lodge it as it was.

Improvement: We will clearly communicate the benefits of contacting the CBF Grants Support Team for advice well before the deadline to improve the quality of grant applications.

Improvement: We will make every effort to ensure all enquiries are responded to promptly in future.

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