Our new Grant Assessors

July 1, 2019

Our team of Grant Assessors continues to grow!

A warm welcome to Judy Kelly, Matthew Tomich, Justine Lloyd, Rachel Tyler Jones, Jenni Rush, Liam Fallon, Kristy-Lee Horswood, Tania Katsanis, Greg Bondar, Lisa McLean, Richard Scherer, Nia McMartin, Brad Geier, Gregory Dodds, Deb Sexton and Salvatore Mattera. Our new additions will be trained by Georgie from our Grants Support Team soon so they’ll be ready to review grant applications for the upcoming round. Here’s an insight into what motivates our new Grant Assessors to get involved.

Woman smiling into camera

Lisa McLean

“I’m passionate about how community radio can be used to support, and make heard, the many diverse voices within our communities.”

Man looking into camera Matthew Tomich
“The fact that there are millions of people around the country from communities small and large who are fostering the best parts of their local culture through community broadcasting is thrilling. I’d consider it a privilege to play a part in helping them grow their operation, develop their audiences and tell new and exciting stories.”
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Deb Sexton

“Having assisted community station for some time, I understand and appreciate the challenge that they face. I would like to put my experience and knowledge to good use by being an assessor and helping the community stations grow and thrive.”

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Liam Fallon

‘’I’m passionate about Australian stories and supporting community media to tell them.”

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Rachel Tyler Jones

“I’m looking forward to discovering innovative and creative ideas from a range of organisations that meet the values of community broadcasting, and working through the grant assessment process in a fair and analytical way to support some of those ideas for funding.”

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Justine Lloyd

“I’m most looking forward to helping to make difficult decisions about how to best allocate resources to encourage a diverse and thriving community media sector, and by that more robust, informed, compassionate and critical public debates.”


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