Welcome to our newest grant assessors

March 10, 2021

CBF grant assessors

We warmly welcome the newest members of our Grant Assessor Team: Alison Troup, Christopher Crebbin, Jenni Enosa, Josh Klabbers, Stevie Marie Martin, Veronica Judge, Agnes Cusack, Omi Koulas, Scott Black, Joanne Ryan, Cheryl Northey, Amanda Spalding, Benjamin Erin, Jodi Ryder, Stephen Holland and Trent Geddes.

Our grant assessors sit at the heart of our peer-to-peer grant review process. All are volunteers from the sector who live in small and large communities across Australia. Twice a year they offer their time, knowledge and experience to assess grant applications before they are reviewed by our grants advisory committees and Board.

We asked some of our new recruits what motivated them to get involved. Here’s what they said…

Alison TroupAlison Troup

“I’m looking forward to finding out more about the various CBF grants, learning about other community radio programs and discovering who their communities are. I’ll also be geeking out with an audit tool and measuring grants against it!”



Stephen Holland CBF grant assessorStephen Holland

“I can’t wait to learn more about the community broadcasting sector.”




Stevie Marie MartinStevie Marie Martin

“I’m looking forward to gaining vital experience in the grant assessment process so I can better support community radio as a volunteer.”




Veronica Judge CBF assessorVeronica Judge

“I’ve always been a curious person. This is an opportunity to understand a bit more about how things work.”


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