Meet our newest grant assessors

August 10, 2021

Grid of square headshots of CBF assessors
A warm welcome to the newest members of our Grant Assessor Team: Gayle Austin, Brad Knight, Ivan Behsmann, Emily Nugent and Brianna Baggow.

Our grant assessors sit at the heart of our peer-to-peer grant review process. All are volunteers from the sector who live in small and large communities across Australia. Twice a year they offer their time, knowledge and experience to assess grant applications before they are reviewed by our grants advisory committees and Board.

We asked our new recruits what motivated them to get involved. Here’s what they said…

Smiling woman with blonde hairBrianna Baggow

“It’ll be great to learn more about what makes a good grant and how the criteria aligns to support an innovative and successful project. I’m also interested in finding out more about the trends being seen across the sector as well as gathering some great ideas to inspire me and others in my own community.”



headshot of a smiling manIvan Behsmann

“Living in rural Australia for my entire life gives me the insight to the issues that face rural community broadcasters, as well as perspectives on how to deal with these issues. I want to understand how to improve, grow, evolve the community radio sector and to be a part of something great!”



Brad Knight

“I’m looking forward to gaining a better understanding of community radio station needs across Australia – no matter the size and interest areas. This will help me understand what kinds of support can offer the biggest impact to our sector.”



Heashot of a smiling woman with long brown hairEmily Nugent

“As an educator in the tertiary sector I am passionate about developing relationships with organisations that support the careers of up and coming media professionals. I would also love to develop my grant assessment experience as I hope to move into the sector as a professional.”



“I want to contribute to the community as I have spent most of my professional working life working for the good of the community and would like to put my skills to some use.” – Gayle Austin

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