SIAC Roles & Responsibilities

The Sector Investment Advisory Committee (SIAC) advises the CBF Board which operates within the boundaries of the CBF Constitution and relevant policies of the Foundation.

The Committee is bound by the purposes and priorities of relevant funding agreements. It uses the Foundation’s Strategic Plan to inform the framing of its advice and activities, and refers to the Community Broadcasting Sector Compass as a guide to broader sector purpose. SIAC ensures that funding initiatives and grant programs are consistent with broader strategic intent as expressed in the CBF Strategic Plan and other policy decisions of the CBF Board.

SIAC makes recommendations on the development of grant guidelines to the CBF Board, with advice from the Grants Advisory Committees (GACs). It also acts as an information conduit between the GACs and the Board.

The Committee recognises the important role that the Foundation has in supporting the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia, particularly through building the capacity of community broadcasters in a converging and evolving media landscape.

Committee members’ role

  • Provide independent, informed advice on funding policy and practice
  • Employ appropriate consultation to inform funding policy directions
  • Review the effectiveness of funding policy against funding objectives
  • Recommend global budgets, funding priorities, guidelines, application and assessment processes to best meet funding objectives
  • Assess Sector Investment grant applications and make recommendations on allocations to the Board
  • Monitor the progress and outcomes of the Sector Investment grants
  • Plan, implement and review funding for new sector development activities as identified through sector consultation
  • Abide by the requirements of the CBF Code of Conduct, including the Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Remain abreast of current and emerging issues, policy and practice relating to better practice in grant-making, sector development and any relevant broader industry developments.

The Chairperson’s role

  • Liaises with and provides guidance to the Support Team in preparing meeting agendas and papers and online discussions.
  • Provides advice to the Support Team in responding to stakeholder enquiries, and in drafting complex or sensitive correspondence.
  • Considers and approves draft minutes (for later consideration and adoption by the Committee).
  • Chairs meetings ensuring clear decisions are made and critical items are dealt with in the available time while facilitating reasonable opportunities for discussion and deliberation amongst SIAC members.
  • Liaises with the Support Team in the preparation and approval of reports to the Board.

Meeting schedule, workload and expectations

  • Meets in-person three times per year, and may occasionally meet via teleconference, video conference or other means
  • Liaises with fellow committee members and members of the Support Team via the CBF’s online project management and communications tools
  • Reads all meeting papers prior to meetings
  • Assesses all grant applications or tenders assigned to them and provide assessment scores prior to meetings.

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