Board roles and responsibilities

Our Board is a diverse group of seven to nine people who contribute a range of valuable skills, expertise and experience.

Board members are volunteers recruited according to our Diversity, Access and Equity Policy. Many bring significant knowledge of, and experience in, community media.

Skills and experience

  • Leadership and governance
  • Legal
  • Finance & economics
  • Strategy, development & implementation
  • Social inclusion
  • Technology/It, digital innovation & risk
  • Fundraising.

Roles and responsibilities

Our Board members provide leadership to the Community Broadcasting Foundation, responsible for:

  • Setting strategic objectives and goals and monitoring progress/performance
  • Making and/or amending policies and procedures that regulate the Board, committees and CBF operations
  • Monitoring financial performance, including reviewing annual budgets and financial plans, approving our annual financial report, and liaison with external auditors
  • Establishing and determining the powers and functions of CBF committees
  • Appointing and regularly assessing the performance of our CEO, including remuneration and succession planning
  • Determining the desired culture for the CBF and acting as a role model of that culture
  • Managing risk including identifying, controlling, monitoring and reporting
  • Engaging with stakeholders including employees, industry, government and other interest groups.

Each Board member must:

  • Act in good faith and in the best interests of the CBF
  • Not improperly use their position or misuse the CBF’s information
  • Declare any perceived or actual material conflict of interest
  • Act with care and diligence, enhancing and protecting the CBF’s reputation
  • Not allow the CBF to operate while it is insolvent.

CBF Board Position Description (Word, 131KB)

Nominations and appointments

Appointments to the CBF Board are the responsibility of current Board members, supported by our Nominations Advisory Group. This group is comprised of national sector representative organisations.

Five Board members (the majority) are appointed from nominations provided by community media and sector organisations. Each organisation may nominate up to two candidates. Additionally, our Board may recruit up to three Independent Directors to optimise leadership and governance skills. Recruitment of these independent Directors is the responsibility of the CBF Board.

The CBF President is appointed from nominations provided by the community broadcasting sector’s peak representative body – the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA).

We are committed to recruiting Board members who reflect the diversity of our community and the sector, as well as achieving an optimum combination of experience, skills and attributes (see our Board Skills Matrix and Board Diversity Matrix).

Terms and reappointments

Board members serve a three-year term and may serve up to three consecutive terms (a total of nine years).

The terms of appointment are staggered to ensure regular renewal while achieving consistency in decision making.

Casual vacancies and re-appointments are determined by the CBF Board.

Time commitment

We estimate the minimum annual time commitment for a Board member is:

  • Four full-day meetings (preferably in person but via video conference by exception), and occasional teleconferences
  • Four days of reading time
  • Regular email access
  • Travel time.

Board vacancies

There are currently no Board vacancies.

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