Research helps to shape the future of community media in Australia, including insights into audiences and stations. Research helps us to keep in touch with what media organisations are doing, motivations of listeners and how community media is creating connection in the community.

Audience research

Community radio is an important part of Australian culture with nearly 5 million Australians tuning in every week.

We gain invaluable industry insight into the listening habits of Australians by funding research including the National Listener Survey. This Australia-wide research (managed by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) engages 10,000 people, highlighting trends, listener behaviour and the tangible difference community radio makes in the community.

Further insights into the difference community media makes are available in the ground-breaking 2007 study Community Media Matters.

Station research

To support our decision making, we regularly seek feedback from people working in community media (and their representative organisations) for insight into how we can best support their important work. One way of gathering this feedback is through a series of surveys known as the Station Census. Data collected through these surveys provide a snapshot of programming, volunteers, staffing, financial, technical and training information.

We are committed to supporting research focused on Australian community media to ensure we ‘stay in touch’ with our evolving industry. View the CBF Support for Research Policy.


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