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We are proud champions of community media – Australia’s largest independent media sector. From major cities to remote communities, we help people to create and support local, independent media.

Each year we grant more than $20.5 million so community media organisations can communicate, connect and share knowledge through independent radio, television and digital media. Our funding helps connect people across the country, including more than five million people who tune in to their local radio station weekly.

We support all areas of community media including Indigenous, ethnic, regional and radio reading (RPH).

Two community radio broadcasters from 6WR Waringarri radio at an outside broadcastFirst Nations media

Our support of community media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities helps our First Nations people celebrate place and identity. Stories are shared in native language, helping to maintain connections, preserve culture and express unique perspectives. With many Indigenous communities living in remote areas, these broadcasts also provide essential emergency communications.


Community radio broadcaster Suraj from 4NAG in studio broadcasting in Nepalese.Ethnic

Ethnic community media is as diverse as multicultural Australia, with programs broadcast in more than 100 different languages. Ethnic voices on the airwaves are a welcoming voice to new arrivals and for others, a way to connect to their cherished culture. Ethnic media also provides an opportunity for cross-cultural learning experiences.



Community radio broadcaster Wildren Nelson from Yuendumu.Regional

In regional areas, community broadcasting is an invaluable, trusted resource for local news and information. Stations reflect the interests of their local community, including music, sports, environment and arts, connecting people separated by hundreds of kilometres, over the airwaves.



Community radio broadcaster Steve Sparrow from 4RPH in studio

Radio reading

Radio reading brings print material to life for nearly five million Australians living with a print disability through physical limitations, learning disabilities and literacy issues. Reading radio ensures people with print disabilities have equal access to news, local updates and entertainment.



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