Keeping stations on air with emergency funds

August 31, 2021

Rust-coloured hand painted sign saying Bwgcolmanin

Available all year round, our Quick Response Grants are specifically designed to help community broadcasters to stay on air when the unexpected happens and also take advantage of valuable opportunities that may not coincide with our grant rounds.

In recent months, two stations have contacted us with requests for urgent support.

Way Out West Broadcasters Inc (5 WOW) – major repairs to antenna after storm

WOWfm 100.5  is  an award-winning community radio station in Adelaide’s western suburbs.  In late July this year, wild storms in South Australia (including mini tornadoes) irreparably damaged their antenna taking them off air until they could install a replacement on loan from the South Australian Community Broadcasting Association (SACBA). Their insurance company told the station it was highly unlikely the antenna would be covered, and while they had some funding in reserves this had been earmarked to upgrade their studios.

CBF Quick Response Grant: $7,496 covered the cost of major repairs to the antenna.

Bwgcolmanradio – temporary antenna replacement on Palm Island

Bwgcolmanradio 97.3FM is the only local radio station on Palm Island in Queensland, run for and with the community. Its an important source of information for people broadcasting COVID messaging, weather warnings, local news and community announcements, as well as music, interviews and other entertainment. In June, their antenna was damaged in accident that affected the radio mast. Bwgcolmanradio needed support to install a temporary antenna and undertake logistics and planning for the permanent antenna replacement which includes hiring a barge to transport a crane to the island!

CBF Quick Response Grant: $2,817 paid for the installation of the temporary antenna.