We’re recruiting Grant Assessors!

September 17, 2019

Collage of Grant Assessors

Is someone from your station a Grant Assessor? If not, nominate someone from your station to join our team today! Stations who have a Grant Assessor in their ranks improve their grant-writing and their chances at success when applying for grants.

“I loved it! I learnt a lot about the process. By reading an application with an ‘assessor hat’ on, I feel like I got a better idea of what is expected from applicants.’’
David Lewis, Grant Assessor (2CBD)

Our team of volunteer Grant Assessors independently consider, score and provide advice on grant applications to our Grants Advisory Committees. Appointed by our Board through a nomination process, Grant Assessors are called on twice annually to review incoming applications. Find out more about what’s involved and nominate to join our team!

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