Health programs for First Nations, by First Nations

August 26, 2018
Crew of The Fitness Show filming outdoors.

Our support of community media improves the health and wellbeing of Australians by helping people feel connected to community. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the need to enhance health is a priority, with Indigenous Australians experiencing a higher incidence of health issues and generally poorer outcomes. That’s why we proudly funded The Fitness Show.

The Fitness Show presented an interactive, grassroots approach to health messaging, made for and by remote Indigenous people. This three-part series aired on community television and encouraged viewers to ‘get up and join in’ the exercises, within the privacy of their own homes.

Feedback from remote communities was extremely positive, with The Fitness Show viewed more than 1,500 times on IndigiTUBE.

“The presenter, Charmaine Patrick, is an ideal role model, having run the New York Marathon, being a mother of two children, but still firmly having family roots in Hermannsburg.” Rita Cattoni, Executive Producer

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