Gununa…. Seasons Changing

January 21, 2019
First Nations woman with two children

Dark storm clouds gather and thunder rumbles in the distance as rain pours down, bringing fresh water and new growth to Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria. It’s a welcome change to the seasonal calendar.

Renee Ngandawarrkirr Wilson, an emerging First Nations director, sheds light into a unique way of life. Renee’s documentary about the seasonal cycles was produced with the help of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Renee narrates Gununa…. Seasons Changing, combining shots of beautiful scenery with interviews and scenes of her extended family and friends relaxing and cooking their day’s catch.

We hear the voices of Elders from Mornington Island, explaining why it’s so essential for them to reconnect to the sea and land. And why teaching younger generations hunting and gathering skills is so important.

Renee was responsible for scripting, direction, audio, filming and editing.

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