Content Grants November 2021

Bonegilla Stories (2REM)’

Bonegilla Stories is an eight-part, 30-minute radio series and podcast that tells the stories of the many migrants, mostly from Europe, who came to Australia to start a new life between 1950 and 1960. An old army camp near Albury/Wodonga, which was transformed into the Bonegilla Migrant Camp, became the largest and longest operating camp processing over 300,000 people during its operation.

Moorditj Mag (6RTRFM)

Moorditj Mag provides weekly look at Indigenous Affairs both nationally and locally with Jim Morrison, Nick Abraham and Jodi Hoffman. All are Noongar people dedicated to the preservation of their culture and the healing of their people through positive and consistent empowerment of Aboriginal people.

Radyo Palaro (4EB)

This short radio play for children is based on Filipino folktales. Brought to life by young people in both English and Filipino, the radio drama allows second generation Filipino children to connect with their heritage and celebrate their and culture. At the same time it will give the participants invaluable training in audio recording and editing.

See Me – Stories of Ability and Inspiration (7LTN)

A five-part podcast series, created by Launceston’s City Park Radio, where people with a disability share their remarkable personal stories, highlighting their abilities and many achievements. The aim of the series is to promote understanding, acceptance and support for people with disability by amplifying their voices and encouraging greater community inclusion.

Do Go On: Arty-Facts (auspiced by Auspicious Arts Projects)

Melbourne is world famous for its art, but with the world locked down, sadly the paintings, prints, sculptures and installations sit unappreciated. This cross-medium series of six episodes is produced by Do Go On and Stupid Old Studios. The project will give behind-the-scenes access to an array of Melbourne’s most renowned artworks and the colourful stories behind them.

The Eco Show, Season 2 (C31 Melbourne and Geelong)

The Eco Show, hosted by Bridie Shepherd, features organisations and groups working toward environmental sustainability and animal conservation. In this eight episode series, they visit all corners of Australia to shine a light on amazing people who are creating a positive impact for our local flora and fauna, and share their stories.

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