Assessor feedback for applicants November 2021

Each grant round, our volunteer assessors look closely at your applications providing comments and scores.

We’ve listed some of the most common feedback about applications in our most recent grant round to help you when preparing future applications.

Content grants

Content applications that did well in this round included the following characteristics:

  • strong ideas for engaging and important programs building on existing successful content
  • specific and appropriate measures of success demonstrating strong value to and impact on their communities
  • a ‘value for money’ budget in line with expectations of the content output, includes:
    • demonstration of appropriately paying people for their time
    • good mix of funding from other sources
    • evidence of seeking sponsorship into the future to ensure longevity and viability rather than just relying on the grant funds requested
  • previous content sample or pilot of high-quality and professional production values
  • high number of diverse and knowledgeable participants
  • plans for wide multi-platform distribution
  • programs involving mentoring and training of current and future presenters
  • clear responses to the gender equity questions.

Development & Operations grants

Development & Operations applications that did well in this round included the following characteristics:

  • strong articulation of the immediate need for the request
  • clear and detailed explanation of how issues with technical equipment came about, how often it is causing a problem, the impact on the community and the stations standing in the community
  • forward-thinking initiatives that promote the sustainability of the organisation
  • inclusion of photos and diagrams to help assessors to understand the request
  • value for money when comparing the budget request to the clear outcomes in the Impact section
  • demonstration of how the request will positively impact the community and meet the station’s strategic goals
  • organisational contributions to the budget (even if the organisation has limited revenue)
  • thorough planning and demonstration of a strong team of appropriately-skilled people involved.

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