Content grants May 2018

Podcast Incubator (SYN Media)
Our grant will support the creative development of four original podcasts, and professional mentoring of up to eight young, emerging producers.

Ngangan wruk: Our Earth series (First Languages Australia)
Partnering with language workers nationally, this series of short films will share the history and knowledge of names and places. It will inform, educate and celebrate culture.

Accent of Women and Earth Matters (3CR)
Accent of Women focuses on women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Earth Matters brings a strong social justice focus, featuring local, national and international environmental issues. In a first for the CBF, these two programs will be offered three-year funding to support these programs.

Stories Without Borders (4CCR)
Cairns FM will introduce a new weekly program, Stories Without Borders. This program will include stories, significant events, cultural information, music and discussion of the cultural changes and difficulties that multicultural communities face when settling into Australian life.

Who Plays Who (6HRV)
Grant funds will help Harvey Community Radio to invite members of their local community to guest-program a half-hour radio segment, telling listeners a little about themselves and their music selections. The segment will appear at different times throughout the week to reach a broad cross-section of the community, all abilities and all ages.

Hippies, Punks and Cowboys (Radio Adelaide)
This 20-part series to be featured on Radio Adelaide’s The Range program, focuses on contemporary Australian society and politics through the lens of popular culture and music.

Living With Autism (2MFM)
This eight-episode series produced by Muslim Community Radio will focus on living life with autism, including interviews with health professionals, autistic individuals and their parents (from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds).

Ethnic Youth Media Collective (2RSR)
Skid Row will create a collective of young people from new and emerging communities to participate in ethnic community broadcasting. This group will be mentored by industry experts to produce multimedia content and to participate in both the management of the radio station and the wider sector on themes of media justice. The content will include a weekly half-hour podcast in English and bilingual content produced in partnership with existing broadcasters.

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