Successful grants

In Round 2 2022/23 we are pleased to again progress our purpose which is to fund a thriving and resilient future for community broadcasting where it is at the heart of every community.

This round we received a combined total of 122 applications requesting $3,697,414. This included:

  • 72 Development & Operations applications requesting $2,997,996 – 50 applications have been offered funding totalling $1,341,104
  • 35 Content applications requesting $594,320 – 28 Content applications have been offered funding totalling $290,102 (includes 1 multi-year grant)
  • 10 Specialist Radio Programming applications requesting $93,998 – 10 Specialist Radio Programming applications have been offered funding totalling $85,208 (includes ongoing ethnic programming totalling $50,093 and First Nations programming totalling $35,115)
  • 70 volunteer assessors were involved in assessing grants for this round of funding.

Overall, we granted a total of $1,897,929 across 88 applications. This includes one multi-year grant.

Detail about individual grants is provided in our Grant allocations spreadsheet.

Content grants Dec 2022

2BAY FM Community Radio Inc (Untangling the Yarn)


A short series of 12-minute episodes about individual people living with dementia – personal stories as told by themselves and their carers. The content package will include intro, original music and dementia facts provided by professionals in the respite sector, and short soundbites to be played in carts.

C31 Melbourne Community Television Consortium LTD (C31 Antenna Awards 2023)


The Antenna Awards have a long tradition of supporting community producers, by recognising the work community producers do to ensure community television truly reflects the community C31 broadcasts to. The Awards ceremony will be a ticketed event, broadcast on C31’s platforms. Awards will be judged by an expert panel.

 C44 Adelaide Ltd (Mob Talks- Series 2)


Mob Talks Series 2 is First Nations chat show that explores topics of interest and addresses issues within First Nations communities. Each episode will explore a single topic and showcase a wide variety of local First Nations key community members.

6DBY Derby Media Aboriginal Corporation (Larrkardi Radio) (News and current affairs program for the Kimberly: “Kimberly voices”)


The production of local indigenous focused news and current affairs for the Kimberly region by way of a Kimberly-focused nightly news and current affairs show called “Kimberly Voices”.

Denmark Community Resource Centre Inc (Denmark FM) (Denmark Schools On Air)


Denmark Schools On Air is an initiative of Denmark FM to train, support and encourage students and teachers from five local Denmark schools (three primary and two secondary schools) to produce engaging, pre-recorded content for airing on Denmark FM as well as going live to air.

7TAS Tasman Community Broadcasters Inc (Handmade – Understanding the producers and creators in our community)


Whether a grower, producer, creator, artist or someone with a passion for what they do, this documentary series will get to know them, and their work, personally and authentically through an inspirational and intimate multi-part on-air and online 45-50min series that celebrates one unique local community member per episode.

6HRV Harvey Community Radio 96.5fm (Your Stories – Our Community)


12 x 30 minute stories about a diverse range of local residents in the Harvey area will be played on HCR 96.5fm, twice per week, over 12 weeks. 12 current HCR 96.5fm announcers will conduct the interviews.

4EB Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland Limited (“Who I Am” – telling our stories to the region)


4EB will work closely with Arts Nexus (their new regional partner) to support the active engagement of regional, First Nations and culturally and linguistically diverse voices to produce and create local content. Sharing those stories through radio play, podcasts, publication, and online profiles through a series of 30 podcasts.

Development & Operations Dec 2022

Seymour Puckapunyal Community Radio (Seymour FM)


Implementation of a six-month pilot project to hire a part-time station manager and assess the viability of appointing a full time permanent manager. Assistance in operational costs to enable us to grow our community engagement and sustain our current activities. 

3MCR Mansfield Community Radio Inc


Support for rewiring in our server room and an upgrade and refresh of our studio technology will enable us to attract, train and support new presenters, pre-record content and expand our reach into our community. 

2YYY Lambing Flat Community Broadcasting Inc 


Replacement of the administrative, production and streaming computers to enable the station and volunteers to be more productive and to receive better training in on air broadcasting and production work involving recording of sponsorship and community engagement announcements. Replacement of office and main studio chairs to comply with OH&S requirements. 

2RDJ-FM Community Radio Co-op Ltd 


We need to recover broad awareness within our license area which has been difficult through COVID, through (a) reminding the community we are here, and who we are, and (b) how 2RDJ can integrate with and support local individuals, community groups, and promotion of businesses and local events. 

4WBR Wide Bay Christian Broadcasters Assoc. Inc. (Rhema FM Wide Bay) 


The replacement of an aging, inefficient transmitter with the installation of a new green powered transmitter which will reduce power consumption from between 40-70%, give encouragement to volunteers and sponsors, improve resilience and allow the station to positively reach the community, via the redirection of ongoing potential savings. 

ICTV Indigenous Community Television Limited 


Support for costs towards the employment of a Communications and Marketing position, ICTV’s Audience Survey and the purchase of equipment to support communities to deliver live events to ICTV. 

Ngaarda Media Aboriginal Corporation 


A new studio control desk will ensure scheduled news and community information broadcasts proceed on time without technical interruption. A new video editing suite will enable increasing demand by national network affiliates’ to be met and increased content by enabling multiple editors to simultaneously produce broadcast packages. 

7EDG Tasmanian Youth Broadcasters Inc. (Edge Radio) 


The Youth Engagement Operations Coordinator will lead and develop a young team to create a robust youth outreach strategy to increase young people’s participation in Edge Radio. Developing young leaders for Tasmania provides learning opportunities for youth to lead with confidence, create/share Tassie content and communicate with value and impact.  

Assessor feedback for applicants

Each grant round, our volunteer assessors look closely at your applications providing comments and scores. 

We’ve listed some of the most common feedback about applications in our most recent grant round to help you when preparing future applications. 

The most common areas of feedback provided to applicants on how applications could be strengthened this round were:  

Development & Operations:   

  • Your responses to the gender questions need to demonstrate how you will address gender imbalance and diversify gender representation at your organisation – e.g. through volunteer participation (presenters, committees, Board members) or through producing and broadcasting gender diverse content. 
  • You did not provide detailed supporting information, such as quotes, financial statements, a timeline or other planning documents. 
  • Timelines should include key weekly activities, key project activities and key milestones for the station throughout the funding period such as known special broadcast events (Outside Broadcasts, donations drives). 
  • Contributing funding would demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the project. 


  • Letters of support from partners need to demonstrate how they are participating in the project and how it benefits the organisation. 
  • You did not provide detailed supporting information such as annual financial reports, a project plan, biographies, letters of support or evidence of community consultation. 
  • Providing a clear budget would show that you understand what is involved in the financial management of the project/activities or funding. 
  • When setting measures of success, include what the current state is and what you want it to be at the end of the funding period (e.g. Increase from 1,000 Facebook followers now, to 2,000 by the end of the funding period).  
Stay Informed