Grant Agreement

Your Grant Agreement contains your legal obligations. Read it and understand it! If you’re unsure, please contact our Grants Support Team. The important things to take note of:

  • Reporting due dates – note the report due dates in your calendar. The CBF withholds payments for new funds if existing grant reports are overdue.
  • Reporting requirements – note what you need to keep track of during the project.
  • Approved grant budget – use your Grant Agreement as a budget reference, rather than your original application as these may be different.

Keep your agreement in a centralised location where colleagues can find it, e.g. CBF grants folder in hard copy, an electronic version on the station’s network/computer/cloud. Make sure relevant contacts at your organisation have access to your grant information, e.g. Board, Committee, station staff, relevant broadcasters, technicians or treasurer. Some stations table all grant offers in Board meetings. Others pin a photocopy on the station noticeboard.

Remember that your original application is available in SmartyGrants and includes the original grant guidelines if you need them.

Stay Informed