6. Summarise the overall benefits of community broadcasting

Focus especially on those elements that align with a donor organisation’s vision, mission and objectives. Some examples are:

  • Community radio supports an open society, strong democracy and vibrant cultures both locally and across Australia.
  • Broadcasters are passionate volunteers who provide a diverse representation of voices from our community, creating connection, a sense of belonging and social cohesion.
  • Investing in community media supports diversity, access, multiculturalism, inclusion and social justice.
  • Community radio offers opportunities where everyone can participate and build a better life, from being a listener, volunteer at the station or to those who get more involved in the activities of their community due to raised awareness of events and other community organisations that they can join. The effect overall is of increasing community participation.
  • Opportunities to learn new skills and gain confidence by participating in training.
  • With the reach of a station going far beyond its own town, extending to the wider area of broadcasting range, stations can positively benefit a large number of people from a diverse range of social groups including those from under-represented and marginalised groups.
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