Top 10 CBF tips

Grant applications help the CBF understand what your organisation does well and how you could function better with our support. Follow these tips to give your next CBF grant application the best chance of success

1. Start early – give yourself lots of time to gather the information needed for a strong application.

2. Read: the grant guidelines and follow the instructions, hints, tips and prompts throughout the application form. Don’t miss something that our assessors will pick up on.

3. Chat with our Grants Support Team: before you start your application and ask for advice about your ideas and how to apply to make them a reality. Early preparation allows you to seek detailed feedback from our Grants Support Team before your application is assessed. Our Grants Support Team are experts and are here to help so get in contact!

4. Engage: the people you need to contribute as you prepare your application, such as a technician’s report and quotes from suppliers. Give them and yourself plenty of time to gather what you need.

5. Collaborate: with other stations, local organisations, council and businesses. Letters of support from partners should explain how they participate in and benefit from your activities.

6. Budgeting: should add up to give our assessors confidence that you can manage the grant they may allocate.

7. Detail contributions: providing a financial contribution towards a project to show our assessors that the project is so important to you that you’ll put as much as you can towards it before asking us. And always include in-kind contributions, e.g. use of your own equipment, volunteer time, etc.

8. Review: your application to double check that all questions are answered and all attachments attached.

9. Seek feedback – get someone else to review your application to make sure it makes sense to others before you submit.

10. Submit early: to allow for any unforeseen circumstances. Late applications will rarely be accepted unless you can make a case for exceptional circumstances.

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