Quick Response grant – funding conditions

To receive a Quick Response grant, you must meet the following funding conditions.

  • Amount we may fund:
    • Emergencies:  100% of the financial cost of the project
    • Opportunities: maximum of 50% towards the total financial cost of the project
  • You must provide evidence of the emergency or opportunity taking place outside of CBF grant rounds.
  • You must provide evidence that costs cannot be met from organisation reserves.
  • You must provide Technical data/information from a qualified person detailing the nature of the issue(s) and how to remedy it.
  • You must provide a competitive quote for any equipment purchases over $2,000.
  • You must provide evidence or statement that the costs cannot be covered by insurance.
  • Loans will need to be fully repaid within the agreed time-frame (even if insurance does not cover the full amount).

If your project can meet these Quick Response grant funding conditions and eligibility criteria, learn how to apply.

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