Quick Response grant – eligibility

To be considered eligible for a Quick Response grant, you will need to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Has this emergency/opportunity arisen unexpectedly? That is, it could not have been reasonably anticipated during a previous funding round and cannot wait for the next funding round.
  • Can you provide evidence of the emergency/opportunity in your application? Such as:
    o Photos of equipment needing replacing
    o Documentation from ACMA, local council, landlord, owners corporation, utility company, real estate agency
    o Insurance documentation
    o Evidence of support from funding partners
    o Hyperlinks or screenshots of the unique equipment sale
    o Financial statements demonstrating costs cannot be met from organisation reserves
  • Can you provide the following information required within the grant application?
    o Your latest Annual Report with financial statements, even if you have supplied this information to the CBF previously
    o Technical data/information from a qualified person detailing the nature of the issue(s) and how to remedy it
    o A competitive quote for any equipment purchases over $2,000
    o A clear and detailed project budget
    o Contact information for your organisation and a key individual involved in the proposal
    o Evidence or statement that the costs cannot be covered by insurance

If you answered yes to the questions above, ensure you meet the Quick Response grant funding conditions.

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