Grant reports

What’s included in the report?

If your application is successful, there will be information in your Grant Agreement focused on reporting.

Your Grant Report will include a description of what the outcomes of the grant were, a financial report that shows how the grant was spent and a statement certifying that the grant was spent according to the terms of the Grant Agreement. Some grantees are required to provide certification by an auditor.

Successful applicants are reminded that grant funds can only be used for the purpose specified within your Grant Agreement. Any variation to that purpose must receive written agreement from the CBF beforehand. Your management of CBF grant funding must meet all the conditions set out in your Grant Agreement.

When will we need to report on the grant?

Your final report for a funded activity will be due three months after the end of the funded activity period which in many cases will be based on the timeline you have identified in your application. For example, if you are funded to replace your main transmitter, and you anticipate you can finish that by December 2017, your funded activity period may be July to December 2018, with a final report due March 2019. If you receive a grant to produce content for the entire year, the funded activity will be July 2018 to June 2019, with a final report due September 2019.

How do you complete a Grant Report?

To complete your report, gather your original Grant Application, your Grant Agreement and the specific grant guidelines. These documents describe the initiative you wanted to fund, how you intended to spend the funds and any required reporting.

Simply log into your SmartyGrants account to complete your report. This report follows the following structure.

A. Grant Outcomes Report: what you achieved with the CBF grant. What was the impact of the project on the station or the community? Did you achieve what your goals, e.g. did the project increase support, contribute to diverse/innovative/quality programming or help the station to develop its technical/operational resources? Explain how you acknowledged the CBF for the project and If possible, include any support material, e.g. media articles, photos, ads, programs, written responses to your project etc.
B. Grant Financial Report: how was the grant spent in comparison to your intended budget? You will need to have financial management processes that accurately record the receipt and expenditure of each CBF grant. It’s essential that your financial management systems meet the requirements for Management of Funding set out in your Grant Agreement. Any variation in funding expenditure from the Approved Budget in your Grant Agreement will require approval before a grant report is submitted.
C. Certification: This is a statement by a person from your organisation who is authorised to sign legally binding documents (usually the Public Officer, President or a member of Management Committee) certifying that the grant was spent according to the terms of the Grant Agreement.

Why do I need to complete a Grant Progress Report?

Some CBF grants require completion of a Grant Progress Report half way through the funding period. This may be due to the size of your grant and/or the length of your funded activities. Completion of a progress report will often release payment of the remainder of your grant funds. Progress reports are simpler than final Grant Reports and require you to let us know how your plans have progressed since receiving funding, and if there’s anything we can do to help. Completing a Grant Progress Report is also a time for you to reflect on what’s working and what’s not, so that you can make changes now that will result in better outcomes later. You will be encouraged to consider:

  • Are activities progressing within planned time frames?
  • Have you run into any unexpected challenges?
  • Are outcomes meeting your expectations?
  • How have you altered any of your expected outcomes or time frames since beginning these activities?

This may be a good opportunity to apply for a variation including changes to budgets or timeframes.

What’s involved in providing an Auditor’s Financial Certificate?

Organisations receiving more than $80,000 annual funds: at the end of your financial year, the CBF will send an Auditor’s Financial Certificate. An auditor must certify that all CBF grant funds received in the financial year have been, or are being spent according to the terms of the relevant Grant Agreement/s. This can be signed in your annual audit. If all the grant funds have not been spent before the Auditor’s Financial Certificate is completed, you will need to send further Auditor’s Financial Certificates for each financial year until the grant funds are fully spent.

Organisations receiving less than $80,000 will receive an Annual Statement for information only (no auditing required).

Who can sign my Auditor’s Financial Certificate?

The Auditor’s Financial Certificate must be signed by an approved auditor who is either:

  • Registered as a company auditor under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
  • A practising auditor who is an appropriately qualified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Australia), CPA Australia or the Institute of Public Accountants.

An approved auditor must not be any of the following:

  • A principal, member, shareholder, officer, agent, subcontractor or employee of your organisation or of a related body corporate as defined in section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
  • Any auditor whose registration as an auditor under the Corporations Act had been cancelled by the ASIC under an Enforceable Undertaking.
  • The accountant or bookkeeper who prepared the accounts of the grantee organisation.

Do I need to provide audited annual financial statements?

If you have received $80,000 or more in grants in the year, you are required to provide both an Auditor’s Financial Certificate and audited annual financial statements. This ensures that you are meeting the highest accountability standards. If you are not required to complete an Auditor’s Financial Certificate, and your state or national regulatory authority does not require you to submit audited statements to them, we will accept your unaudited annual financial statements approved at your Annual General Meeting.

Will the CBF need further information about the spending of my grant?

Under the terms of the Grant Agreement, the CBF (and the Australian Government, through the Auditor General) can request further information about the spending of the CBF grant or a further audit by a registered auditor if the financial information supplied is considered inadequate.

What happens if my Grant Report is overdue?

You will not be eligible to receive any further CBF grants if you have overdue Grant Reports. If you think that you will have difficulty meeting our reporting requirements or you need further advice, please contact us as soon as possible.

What if I don’t spend all my grant funds?

If for some reason you have funds left over, you will need to forward the unspent portion of your grant back to us.

We encourage you to view our other Frequently Asked Questions and explore our website to learn more about successful grant recipients, managing your grant, reporting, how to acknowledge the CBF and other funding opportunities. Also, don’t forget our Top 10 Tips for Applications!

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