Grant process

How will grant reporting work when there are lots of components to each grant application?

The Grant Agreement will describe each activity that is being funded with details on the timeline and what your report for that activity should include. We want to hear about the highs and lows of your activities – what worked, what didn’t and the impact of the activity on your station and community.

In particular, we want to know how you have met the objective of the grant category as stated in the respective grant guidelines.

You can report on any funded activities as you complete them during the period or wait until the report due date. For longer-term projects, we may request a progress report so we’re confident your project is on schedule.

How will multi-year funding work?

In Content and Development & Operations application forms you have the option to apply for multi-year funding. When asked: Would you like any of the activities described in this application to be considered for multi-year funding?If you select ‘Yes, some’ or ‘Yes, all’, you will be required to complete a budget for up to three years.

Should your request for multi-year funding be approved, the grant agreement will detail a schedule of payment instalments appropriate to your activity timeline and approved grant budget. The payment of scheduled instalments will be contingent on you providing progress reports, as described in your Grant Agreement.

Are there any salary restrictions?

There are no restrictions around how often an organisation can receive funding support for salaried positions, however available funds generally prevent ongoing support for salaries on a yearly basis. Applicants can request salary subsidy support in consecutive years and funds will flow to where they’re needed most. In a funding climate where demand always exceeds funds available, this may mean some tough decisions for CBF Grants Advisory Committees as we are unable to provide funds for all salary requests. However, you are welcome to make a case for salary support in multiple years if your organisation can demonstrate a need for consecutive year support.

What are my obligtions if I receive a grant?

When you are awarded a grant, we will send you a Grant Agreement detailing your offer and responsibilities. It’s important to read this carefully and set up adequate accounting and reporting systems to manage the funds. More tips can be found at Managing your Grant.

You must sign and return your Grant Agreement and forward us a Tax Invoice (if you are registered for GST) within eight weeks. When we receive these, we’ll forward you the grant funds.

If your organisation has received funding for the first time or has changed bank details since the last grant was distributed, you will also need to complete an EFT Authorisation form.

You will need to complete all CBF grant reporting requirements within the timeframe specified. Refer to the grant reports for further details.

Why does my Grant Agreement ask about compliance with legislation related to vulnerable people?

We are committed to helping community media organisations engage youth at stations. We are equally committed to creating a culture of child protection. You need to ensure your organisation is complying with the laws in your state related to the protection of vulnerable people including children. If you are unsure what these obligations are, the team at the CBAA has kindly gathered together everything you need to know. View their collection of information related to child protection obligations.

Is GST payable on my grant?

GST may be payable on your grant. If you are registered for GST, you should apply for the GST exclusive amount. If GST is payable, we will add this onto your grant.

If you are not GST registered, apply for the GST inclusive amount. If you’re successful, the grant will cover for the GST on the goods and services you’ll purchase using the grant.

We encourage you to view our other Frequently Asked Questions and explore our website to learn more about successful grant recipients, managing your grant, reporting, how to acknowledge the CBF and other funding opportunities. Also, don’t forget our Top 10 Tips for Applications!

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