Glossary of acronyms

ACMA – Australian Communications and Media Authority 

ACTA – Australian Community Television Alliance 

AMRAP – Australian Music Radio Airplay Project 

CBAA – Community Broadcasting Association of Australia 

CBF – Community Broadcasting Foundation 

CGAC – Content Grants Advisory Committee 

CMAA – Christian Media and the Arts Australia 

CMTO – Community Media Training Organisation 

CRN – Community Radio Network Satellite service 

CTV – Community Television sector 

DDN – Digital Delivery Network 

DITRDCA- Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications & the Arts  

DOGAC – Development & Operations Grants Advisory Committee  

DRP – Digital Radio Project 

ENNP – Enhanced National News Project 

FNMA – First Nations Media Australia (formerly IRCA) (current Indigenous media peak body) 

ICTV – Indigenous Community Television Ltd. 

MDP – Multiplatform Development Project 

NEMBC – National Ethnic & Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council 

NIAA – National Indigenous Australians Agency 

NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service 

NRN – National Radio News service 

NTP – National Training Project 

RIBS – Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service 

RIMO – Remote Indigenous Media Organisation 

RPH – Radio for the Print Handicapped 

RPHA – RPH Australia Co-operative Ltd. 

RTO – Registered Training Organisation 

SACBA – South Australian Community Broadcasting Association 

SIAC – Sector Investment Advisory Committee 

SCMA – Southern Community Media Association