Final Report tips

March 21, 2023
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Do you have a Final Report due? Final Reports are a great opportunity to showcase your achievements to the CBF (and possibly the world). Keep calm and follow these tips from our Grants Support Team!

  • Refer back to your Grant Agreement (and original application) to see what outcomes you hoped to achieve. You will be asked how well you succeeded in achieving your goals, and other questions to help us monitor the success of your grant in achieving CBF outcomes and monitor trends in the sector.
  • Have you achieved something worth promoting? The Final Report includes an optional section where you can suggest an idea for a story for the CBF website, newsletter, social media, our Annual and Government reports and other publications. And make sure you have some great photos to go with the story.
  • The budget! Explain in detail how you have used your grant funds, and any other funding you were able to source to help make your activities even better.
  • If you purchased any assets with CBF funds, you are required to include them in your asset register, note that they were purchased using CBF funds and attach your asset register in your Final Report.
  • Refer to our FAQs on Grant Reports for all the answers to the most common questions on CBF Grant Reports
If you might have difficulty meeting our reporting requirements or need further advice or time, please contact us asap. Future grant payments will not be available until any outstanding reports are submitted and accepted, so invest the time needed in your Final Report.

Good luck and remember our Grants Support Team are here to help you!

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