Thanks for your feedback on our last grant round

Your feedback on our recent grant applicant survey helps us improve the way we support community media.

Out of 214 organisations that completed grant applications in Round 1 2019/20, 123 people participated in our survey (response rate of 57%).

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Time to complete the application varied significantly. Most people spent about nine hours completing their application, but some took more than 20 hours.
  • Three quarters of applicants found the application very easy, easy or average.
  • Respondents indicated that the Grants Support Team were incredibly helpful in navigating the application process.
  • Most respondents (66%) felt that we ask for the right amount of information.

“I especially liked the assistance readily given over the phone, it was very genuine and unrushed.”

Survey results infographic

A key learning for us: you don’t want the form to keep changing every round and if it does change, you want clear instructions and guidance about what is different and why

Some respondents described how the changes to the application form lead to stress and anxiety. We’ll be keeping this in mind moving forward.

A key learning from this year’s grant round related to how we can effectively communicate changes in the form to applicants prior to beginning applications. This was particularly relevant for the budget table. Most applicants struggled to complete the table, and many felt there was little guidance or explanation and that examples might have helped.

“I found the budget a little confusing so maybe it could be a step by step.”

We’ll again review how we are presenting the budget table in the form and we’ll consider how to best communicate significant changes to the application form before you begin your application.

You told us to keep it simple

Consistent feedback told us that we need to make sure we are using clear, plain English. We’ll be doing our best to make sure our guidelines and application forms are easy to understand, with simple explanations.

“We are a small volunteer station & found some questions difficult & time consuming.”

There was consistent feedback about the challenges of supplying for quotes for equipment

Quotes can inform our Grant Assessors about whether you are making appropriate choices and have done your homework. But we understand that this requirement creates barriers and workload. We’ll be looking at our three quotes policy to continue to try to get the balance right and to better inform you about when quotes are needed.

We’re here to help

Almost three-quarters of respondents told us that the help we gave met their needs, but the number of people who didn’t ask for assistance nearly doubled from last year. We’ll be monitoring this and thinking about ways we can reach out to you during the year, and not just at application and reporting ‘crunch time’.

You’re loving the resources we provide to help you

The most helpful resources were our instructions and tips, and the video tutorials. More of you accessed the webinar compared to last year.

We need to improve how we alert you to the resources we create to help you!

“I missed some links and didn’t find the sheet ‘Information required to complete grant application form’! This is excellent – could it be sent in an email when advice of grants is forwarded?”

We’ll be continuing to create resources that help you apply, and we’ll continue to try to make sure you know they exist!

Stay Informed