FAQs: final grant report 6-month extensions

May 13, 2020

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One of our commitments to support community broadcasting organisations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic was to provide an automatic six-month extension on your final reporting requirements for all current Development & Operations (D&O) and Content grants.

What this means is that any currently active D&O or Content grants will receive an automatic extension on the final report due date. For example, a Round 1 2019/20 D&O grant with a final report due date of 31 August 2020 will now be extended until 28 February 2021.

We know you’ll have a few questions about how this will impact your current grant reporting requirements so we’ve put together a list of FAQs below.

Are progress reports also extended?

We will not be applying an automatic extension to Progress Reports. This is because we still require Progress Reports before we can make second payments on some grants. If you need an extension on a Progress Report due to the impacts of the pandemic crisis then please get in touch with the Grants Support Team to discuss your situation.

Are Audited Financial Certificates (AFC’s) also extended?

Audited Financial Certificates for the 2019/20 year that are normally due on 30 November 2020 for financial year organisations or 30 May 2021 for calendar year stations will now be extended until 30 May 2021 (financial year) and 30 November 2021 (calendar year). For organisations that are conducting their audits at the usual time, we encourage you to have your AFCs completed by your auditor at the same time as this will save money. If that is the case, this extension to the AFCs may not be relevant.

Are all of my overdue reports now automatically extended by six months?

No. Only currently active grants have been granted the six-month reporting extension. A currently active grant is a grant that was not overdue at the time of the announcement on March 26th 2020. This generally includes only 2019/20 Content and Development & Operations grants.

If I have already been granted an extension on a report, will I also receive an additional 6 months to complete it?

You will receive an additional 6 months on the original final report due date, not from the date the grant has already been extended to.

How do I find out what my new grant reporting dates are?

Log in to Smartygrants and under ‘My submissions’ you can access all grant report forms and the dates they are due.

What if I had overdue reports that were holding up payments on more recent grants?

If you had overdue reports that were holding up payments on more recent grants prior to March 26th, you still need to complete the overdue reports. This reporting extension does not mean those grants can now be paid. This is because the overdue reports were already overdue prior to March 26th 2020.

Can I submit my grant report earlier than the automatic extension?

Yes, of course! The extension is our way of recognising the pressures you may be facing and giving you extra time if you need it during the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you are able to submit your report earlier then please do so.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions about our final report extensions, please get in touch with the Grants Support Team – they’re always happy to help.

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