FAQ: COVID-19 Crisis Grant Round 2

The following list contains answers to your most frequently asked questions about our COVID-19 Crisis Grant Round 2.

This Grant was established to help stations offset the loss of income through sponsorships, donations and events. For eligible community media organisations, it provides a small contribution to support stations through the pandemic.

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here, please get in touch with our Grant Support Team.

Is my organisation eligible to apply for the COVID Crisis Grant?

The organisations that are eligible to apply for the grants are:

  • community radio stations
  • community television stations
  • Remote Indigenous Media Organisations or Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services
  • stations with a temporary licence that have been on air for at least two successive years prior to applying.

What can I use the funding for?

You can use the funding to cover the following operational costs incurred from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021:

  • Operations – including salaries, utility costs, administration
  • Activities – online training, business development, marketing
  • Equipment costs – including equipment that enables broadcasters to adhere to social distancing requirements and to work from home
  • Production / transmission / administration equipment, website / software costs
  • Administration for the grant up to $1,000.

What activities won’t be funded?

You can’t use the funding for the following:

  • Content production
  • Overseas travel
  • Costs that could be met by an organisation’s in-kind contribution, such as studio hire fees
  • Contingency costs
  • Payment of membership fees
  • Costs and debt incurred prior to 1 July 2020.

What is the total amount of funding available in this grant round?

There is approximately $900,000 available for distribution in the round. This compares to $2.4 million in Round 1.

Do I need to apply for a specific amount of funding?

There is no need to apply for a specific amount of funding. You just need to provide information about your organisation’s annual expenditure and your most recent financial statement.

If you supplied your most recent financial statement in our first COVID-19 Crisis Grant round, you don’t need to provide it again.

I received COVID-19 Crisis Grant funding in Round 1, can I apply in Round 2?

Yes, you can apply again.

However due to the limited funds available in this grant round, organisations will receive no more than $30,000 across both COVID-19 Crisis Grant rounds. (Also see more information about how applications will be assessed below.)

How will the applications be assessed?

Unlike our usual grants, COVID-19 Crisis Grant applications won’t be assessed competitively. Instead, the grant amount allocated to your organisation will be determined by a calculation based on the following:

  1. your organisation’s annual expenditure
  2. any other CBF COVID-19 Crisis and Development & Operations grants your organisation has already received this year
  3. the combined total of these grants is no more than 50% of your organisation’s annual total expenditure.

Will every organisation that applies for a COVID-19 Crisis Grant get funding?

No. Organisations that have already received more than 50% of their annual total expenditure through the first round of COVID-19 Crisis and 2020/21 Development & Operations grants will not receive funding.

We received a Content grant this year – is this taken into account in the COVID Crisis Round 2 calculation?

No. Content grants will not be included in the calculation for the COVID-19 Crisis Grant.

When will I hear about the outcome of my application?

Our Grant Support Team will send you an email in late October.

Ready to apply?

Fill out your application here before 2pm (AEST), 28 September 2020.

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