COVID-19 Crisis Grant opens today

September 3, 2020

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The second COVID-19 Crisis Grant round opens today.

Our COVID-19 Crisis Grant was established to help stations offset the loss of income through sponsorships, donations and events.

While the need is much greater than we are able to support, our COVID-19 Crisis Grant aims to make a small contribution to support community broadcasting organisations through the pandemic. In this round, we have approximately $900, 000 available for distribution (in the first round we had $2.4 million).

We’ve kept the application and assessment processes as simple as possible.

We expect funding will be distributed in late October.

Who can apply?

You will be able to apply for this grant if you are a:

  • community radio station
  • community television station
  • Remote Indigenous Media Organisation
  • Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service.

To be eligible, a station with a temporary licences must have been on air for at least two successive years prior to applying.

What can the COVID-19 Crisis Grant be used for?

The grant can be used to cover organisational expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021. This includes:

  • Operations – including salaries, sponsorship replacement costs, utility costs, administration
  • Activities – online training, business development, marketing
  • Equipment costs – including equipment that enables broadcasters to adhere to social distancing requirements and to work from home
  • Production/transmission/administration equipment, website/software costs
  • Administration for the grant up to $1,000.

How will the grant be assessed?

Unlike our usual grants, the COVID-19 Crisis Grant applications won’t be assessed competitively.

Instead, the grant amount will be determined by a calculation based on each organisation’s annual expenditure. This figure will then be adjusted to take into account:

  1. any other CBF COVID-19 Crisis and Development & Operations grants an organisation has already received this year
  2. that the combined total is no more than 50% of the organisation’s annual total expenditure.*

Due to the limited funds available, organisations will receive no more than $30,000 across both COVID-Crisis Grant rounds.

*For this reason, organisations that have already received more than 50% of their annual total expenditure through the first round of COVID-19 Crisis and 2020/21 Development & Operations grants should not apply.

How do I apply for the COVID-19 Crisis Grant?

We have streamlined the application process to make it fast and easy to apply. All you need to do is answer a short set of questions about your organisation and annual expenditure (if you supplied this information in the first COVID-19 grant round, you don’t need to submit it again).

To apply, fill out this form in SmartyGrants.

Application deadline

Applications will close Monday 28 September at 2pm (AEST).

More information

Your questions answered in our COVID-19 Crisis Grant Round 2 FAQ.

Contact our Grant Support Team if you’re unsure about whether you should apply or have questions about the grant.

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