CBF-funded CTV series nominated in screen awards

November 29, 2021

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Cookingjust4me has been nominated for a South Australian Screen Awards in the Best Web Series category. The show was produced by Carolyn Corkindale & Caroline Rowe, and directed by Caroline Rowe.  

Cookingjust4me debuted on Channel44 in Adelaide and is syndicated on Channel31 in Melbourne and available on demand on Caroline Rowe’s website. With a CBF Content grant, Caroline was able to direct, produce and star in her own six-part cooking series that tackles food waste in single and dual occupancy households.  

It’s benefited the community massively in opening up the conversation about we have dirty little food waste secrets which we don’t talk about,” Caroline tells CBF.  

“It’s just if you adopt one of the little tips that I’ve given in the show, then you’ve shifted and you’re going to waste less food and all of that counts. Every little step counts.” 

Caroline’s top food waste tips 

  • Start your own recipe book where you add your recipes to your own taste 
  • Freeze your garlic and ginger so it’s always fresh and ready to use 
  • Buy single serves of things like tomato paste to avoid waste 
  • Use preserved jars of veggies like peppers or sundried tomato’s to add loads of flavour without the waste 
  • Don’t toss your wilted greens—blend them up into a sauce that will last for 5 days 

Cookingjust4me is one of four nominees in the Best Web Series category, with the winners to be announced on December 3, 2021.  

Watch episodes of Cookingjust4me 

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