Audiocraft Podcast

December 1, 2019

Audiocraft panel discussion with three young women

The Audiocraft Podcast Festival brings together 300+ audio creatives and fans for three days of conversation, celebration and workshops.

If you weren’t able to make it to the event, you can listen to the Audiocraft Podcast.

Jon King from our Grants Support Team attended the event and lists his favourites from the 2019 festival.

Sound Up Showcase

Spotify’s Sound Up Bootcamp worked with ten First Nations storytellers to develop their podcasts featuring stories about climate disaster, sex, history and frontier warriors. Steve Bunbadgee Hodder Watt, Nicole Hutton, Boe Spearim and Rowdie Walden who received a grant to continue working on their podcasts share how their ideas are being developed. This session is moderated by Lorena Allam.

Stories With Squiggly Lines

How will we tell audio stories in the future? Three leading artists and technological experimenters consider the innovations inspiring new forms of audio storytelling and production Olivia Rosenman (Google’s Creative Lab / History Lab), Sam Haren (Sandpit) and Becky Sui Zhen (Art Processors / Sui Zhen). You can hear about what’s already possible, what’s coming soon, and what it all means for the craft of audio-making.

Embrace Chaos

You’re out in the field and your carefully laid plan is blown to bits. You’re all alone, sweating hard, with no story to show for it. How can you embrace the chaos and make the very best story possible? Avery Trufelman, producer for 99% Invisible, shares the story of a time it all went wrong and what she did next.

The Objects of Interviewing

An incredible interview takes any topic and turns it into gripping listening by finding the humanity at the heart of the story. It’s not always easy. In Everything is Alive, Ian Chillag flirts with fact and fiction, and manages to find the moment of connection in every interview. Even when his interviewees are inanimate objects like a can of cola, or a bath towel.

Favourite episodes from previous Audiocraft events

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