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The Audiocraft Podcast Festival brings together 300+ audio creatives and fans for three days of conversation, celebration and workshops.

If you couldn’t get to the event like us, you can listen back to audio recordings from the event on the Audiocraft Podcast online or via on your preferred podcast app. Below, Jon King from our Grants Support Team reports on his favourites from the latest festival.

Under the Hood with Love and Luck

Love and Luck is a fictional radio play podcast told via voicemails. Listen to Love and Luck producers describe how they make their podcast series including:Love and Luck podcast

  • Writing an engaging story
  • Producing with limited resources
  • Planning promotions as early as possible
  • Making your content accessible for everyone

Find out more about and listen to Love and Luck at

Befriending Your Data

Listen to this episode to hear how to use podcast data to:

  • Better understand your listeners
  • Attract sponsors
  • Plan live shows around the location of your listeners
  • Examine how long your episodes are vs how long your listeners listen to your episodes

The International Advertising Bureau’s Podcast Measurement Guidelines establish a common language around the measurement of podcast usage that might also be helpful.

Pod Law

Listen to experts discussing the legal implications of podcasting, and creating content including:

  • How to copyright your ideas
  • Negotiating copyright between your employer/station/organisation before starting a project (NB: the owner of copyright in a work is the creator unless the creator has assigned copyright in advance, such as through a presenter’s, employment, auspice or broadcast agreement)
  • An explanation of contempt of court and defamation
  • Music copyright and Creative Commons

ArtsLaw has published a series of contract templates for podcasts covering an interviewee release, music licence, music commission and general copyright licensing, as well as episodes from previous festivals.

Audiocraft logoFavourite episodes from previous events:

  • Keynote: Eric Nuzum – sharing insights about the podcasting industry and what he thinks successful podcasts have in common
  • Show Me the Money – a discussion about the various ways to make money while podcasting


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