Gender-wise grant-making

We are committed to gender inclusion and equity. Because policies and programs can affect people of different genders in different ways, we give preference to applications that demonstrate gender inclusion and equity, so that we maximise the impact of our investment.

Committed to gender-wise funding

Despite considerable advances made in recent decades, Australian women and girls still experience significant disadvantage in many spheres – including the outcomes of grant programs. As Eve Mahlab AO, founding Chair of the Australian Women Donors Network, wisely observed, “If you treat unequal people equally, they will still be unequal.”

We encourage you to think about gender inclusion and equity at your organisation and in your current and future projects. You could consider:

  • How many women and girls currently participate in your organisation/project?
  • How can you specifically promote your organisation/project to women and girls?
  • Are there any barriers to participation in your organisation/project that women or girls might encounter?
  • What might be an outcome for your organisation/project that specifically empowers women and girls?
  • How can you include this information in your next grant application?

You can also apply a similar lens for other groups participating in your organisation/project such as youth, seniors, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culturally and linguistically diverse people, people with a disability, LGBTIQA+ people, men and boys.

For more information about how to apply a gender-lens analysis to your next project we recommend these resources:

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