4EB creating new generation of chefs with Taste-plosion

March 28, 2022

Young girl from Taste-plosion holding two Australian flags

Our culture is closely linked to food, and something we share and pass down through our families. Brisbane’s Radio 4EB is showcasing this through Taste-plosion, a 12-episode podcast series introducing different cultures through food. The series is presented by 24 children from 13 cultural backgrounds ranging in age from 7-15 years old.

In each episode the presenters focus on one country and a dish that represents the tradition of their culture. They explain the ingredients and talk through the preparation of their culturally significant dish.

Each episode also highlights something intrinsically linked to the culture being featured, created by the youth presenters. Examples include:

  • Persia – this episode was recorded at the family restaurant with the family cook
  • India – the presenter recited a prayer
  • Russia – features a rendition of Swan Lake played on flute
  • Hungary – the presenter tells a joke in Hungarian.

Like many community broadcasters the recording of this project was impacted by COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Fortunately, the team pivoted the project recording episodes remotely and making the most of the school holidays to maximise the children’s involvement in production and recording.

The project allowed local children to engage and form a connection with Radio 4EB, helping to create the next generation of community broadcasters. Taste-plosion was supported by a CBF Content grant.

Listen to Taste-plosion >

Photo: one of Taste-plosion’s presenters.

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